Refinery and Upgrader Pitch

Your Problem:

You are a Refiner or Upgrader and want a higher value for your liquid hydrocarbon residue (pitch) versus conventional approaches such as gasifying it, coking it, solidifying it, or blending it with cutterstock and making heavy fuel oil.

Our Solution:

For refiners, Quadrise Canada uses the features of its MSAR® SFO™ emulsion fuel technology to a) enable a refiner to redirect its cutterstock into gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel sales, b) remove fuel oil product constraints and process cheaper and heavier crudes, or c) divert high coke producing pitch (solvent deasphalter residue) directly to liquid fuel oil.

For Heavy Oil Upgraders, Quadrise Canada is promoting a partial upgrading solution to eliminate diluent use to increase bitumen value and use the rejected pitch as a fuel (in the form of MSAR® SFO™) for steam generation for on site needs or in-situ thermal heavy oil recovery.

Who We Help:

Our solution is for Refiners and Upgraders.

Refinery Pitch Alternative

Lower value, viscous hydrocarbons are conventionally blended with expensive solvents, known as cutterstocks (including kerosene, diesel and gasoils), to meet fuel oil viscosity specifications to ensure that they can be easily transported or used. Normally, higher valued hydrocarbons that can become "white fuels" are diverted to lower valued "black fuels".

MSAR® SFO™ eliminates cutterstock related costs by combining pitch, additives and water in a proprietary process, such that 'difficult to burn' extremely viscous pitch from vacuum towers, visbreakers, and solvent deasphalters are transformed into micron sized liquid droplets suspended in a water phase (20%-30%). The resulting product is a low viscosity, less expensive, stable, 'easy to burn' MSAR® Synthetic Fuel Oil (MSAR® SFO™).

By eliminating the cutterstock and the need to manage fuel oil specifications, refiners can increase unit severity and or process heavier crudes, reduce costs and pass on savings to the consumer.

MSAR® SFO™ can be pumped and handled in conventional liquid systems, has the consistency of latex paint, and is ideal for combustion as the tiny droplets are "pre-atomized" before the fuel is delivered to the burner (which exposes maximum surface area for combustion). For a given hydrocarbon MSAR® SFO™ reduces combustion time as the tiny droplets burn very rapidly to extinction, reduces black soot pollution and reduces brown smog (NOx) as the combustion temperature is reduced. Learn More

Upgrader diluent reduction & fuel self sufficiency for in-situ facilities

Diluent Costs are a major factor for transporting Alberta's bitumen to refineries. In-Situ and mining based oil sands producers that are considering partial upgrading to eliminate diluent use can leverage the MSAR® SFO™ technology as a means to beneficially utilize the pitch that is rejected from the partial upgrading process instead of needing to resort to expensive coking or gasification solutions. The pitch can be used on site for steam generation (see below) or can be shipped to offshore heavy fuel oil markets as MSAR® SFO™.

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