Pipeline Transportation

Your Problem:

Accessing diluent is next to impossible or your cost of diluent is too high and you need to get a heavy crude oil or refinery residue to market.

Our Solution:

Quadrise Canada has an alternative dilution methodology that utilizes its Multiphase Superfine Atomized Residue (MSAR®) emulsification technology to produce a product that has a much lower viscosity than the crude and can be transported in conventional pipelines.

The technology is offered to the customer through either a licensing (including equipment and additives supply) or a tolling arrangement.

Who We Help:

If you are a Heavy Crude Oil Producer or Refinery needing to transport very heavy residues to another location, then we have the solution for you.

MSAR® SFO™ Dilution Methodology / Transportation Alternative

Quadrise Canada can convert your crude or residue into a pipeline able fluid without using conventional hydrocarbon diluent approaches. We manufacture water based continuous phase emulsions made from 70-80% hydrocarbon droplets to as heavy as -10 API. The droplet size is tailored to meet a desired viscosity for the pipeline and is dependent upon the raw hydrocarbon and stability requirements. An example of the viscosity impact on Canadian Bitumen is illustrated below.

The use of emulsion technology to transport heavy crudes has been practiced for many years and has a cost advantage versus adding expensive hydrocarbon diluents in cases where the diluent is expensive to access or does not have a beneficial use once it reaches the refinery as part of the crude.

Quadrise Canada has tested its MSAR® SFO™ pipeline solution at the Saskatchewan Research Council's pipeline testing facility and can work with clients to develop an alternative that meet their needs.

Learn more about MSAR® SFO™.