NOx Reduction

Your Problem:

You are combusting fuel in your process and generating NOx emissions, which you need to reduce, but you don't have the capital or footprint for a Selective Catalytic Reduction system.

Our Solution:

Quadrise Canada has a product, MSAR DeNOx Fuel Lean Amine Reburn Emulsion (MDx-Flare™) that reduces your NOx emissions by up to 70% with low capital and minimal disruption to your facility.

Who We Help (Our Customers):

If you are using coal, oil or heavy fuel oil to generate steam with a boiler, to create power with a diesel engine or to fuel your fired heater, then we have a solution for you.

Our solution is for those in the Power, Refining, Upgrading Thermal Heavy Oil, Petrochemical, Metallurgical, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Oilsands and Cement Industries.

MSAR DeNOx Fuel Lean Amine Reburn Emulsion (MDx-Flare™)

The key benefit of MDx-Flare™ is reducing NOx emissions by up to 70% in oil and coal fired power stations with very low capital.

MDx-Flare™ is manufactured by making a concentrated MSAR® SFO™ with an amine solution. The DeNOx process involves combusting the fuel in the boiler in a specific reburn zone that creates a gas phase that converts NOx to nitrogen and water through a selective non-catalytic reduction mechanism. The main combustion zone can operate under oxidative conditions and the process avoids the need for over-fire or deep staging that could lead to corrosion issues.

Initial markets under development are any oil consuming region, such as the Middle East.

Key Features and Benefits of the MDx-Flare™ technology are:

Emulsion fuel water is the continuous phase:
  • secondary water explosions disperse the fuel and generates excellent flue gas coverage
  • fuel is where the reducing reactions are occurring to get maximum DeNOx benefit with the lowest amine need (Net Stoichiometric Ratio below 1.5).
Limited equipment and modifications required:
  • minimal capital required to implement technology; very attractive for capital constrained facilities and peaking facilities
Fuel has high surface area for combustion:
  • rapid and complete combustion allows for operation within a wide temperature window
  • Residual oxygen from main combustion is sufficient to complete combustion in the reburn zone.