Business Relations

Quadrise Canada Corporation (QCC) has brought the best expertise together via various strategic alliances to provide our clients with a wide array of products and services:

Akzo Nobel N.V. is a Global Fortune 500 chemical company based in the Netherlands with extensive experience and intellectual property in hydrocarbon emulsion technology. QCC licenses its MSAR® SFO™ technology from Akzo Nobel and has a joint development agreement.

Clean Energy Systems, Inc is based in California and specializes in the design and manufacture of oxygen fired combustion systems. Using rocket engine technology, CES has developed combustion equipment that burns MSAR® SFO™ and can be used to drive zero emission power plants.

Quadrise Fuels International (QFI) is an independent publicly traded company on the AIM stock exchange in London England and is a co-developer of the MSAR® technology as a means to transform energy economics for energy companies. QFI is a shareholder of QCC and has agreements with QCC to cooperate on several global projects that will manufacture and consume MSAR® SFO™.

Worley Parsons is an international engineering company that has actively been involved in the development and application of emulsion fuels technology for thermal oil applications and is a co-developer in QCC's CO2 sequestration technology MCST®. QCC is the exclusive licensee of Worley Parsons' patents related to emulsion fuels.