Emulsion Design Consulting (TED™)

Your Problem:

You are developing your emulsions on a trial and error basis, it is taking too long and is costing you too much to get to your target.

Our Solution:

We can help you achieve your goals to bring your emulsion product to market more quickly, enhance product quality and shelf life, save on product development costs or reduce your emulsion manufacturing costs by applying our Tailor-Made Emulsion Design (TED™) services.

Quadrise Canada will provide consulting services to the customer to evaluate the product needs, assess required specifications and provide intellectual property to recommend how they can achieve their desired goals.

Who We Help:

Our Customers are in any industry where emulsion based products are manufactured such as the Food, Cosmetic and Perfume, Pharmaceutical, Paints, Coatings, and Fertilizer Industries.

Tailor-Made Emulsion Design (TED™)

TED™ uses various Intellectual Property to blend various emulsions together to achieve an emulsion of a specified property. It enables clients to design on-purpose emulsions with reduced product development costs, reduced time to market, or the ability to add product features discovered previously through trial and error.

TED™ has been demonstrated with fuel emulsions. The TED™ formulas are covered under patent and customers access the technology through a licensing agreement.

Key Benefits of the TED™ technology are:

  • Reduced product development costs
  • Improved Shelf Life
  • Reduced time to market
  • Product Cost Improvements