Outsourced Emulsion Laboratory Services

Your Problem:

You have a concept of using an emulsion in your business and need expertise and a laboratory to test out your opportunity.

Our Solution:

We have a fully equipped laboratory in an industrial park in Calgary designed to create and study emulsions from 0°C to 300°C. We have assembled equipment worth several millions of dollars and have a team of eight scientists with chemistry and engineering backgrounds to tackle your problem on a consulting fee basis.

For Heavy Oil Upgraders, Quadrise Canada is promoting a partial upgrading solution to eliminate diluent use to increase bitumen value and use the rejected pitch as a fuel (in the form of MSAR® SFO™) for steam generation for on site needs or in-situ thermal heavy oil recovery.

Who We Help (Our Customers):

If you are involved with an industry that involves creating or destroying emulsions, we can assist you.

Diamond QC Services:

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Phone: 403.290.1100
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