Our Business

Quadrise Canada Corporation (QCC) is a private Calgary-based company focused on generating value for the petroleum, refining and power industries by leveraging our emulsion and industry expertise.

We have developed technology to provide:

  • Fuel combustion cost and emission solutions
  • Heavy oil enhanced recovery and pipeline solutions
  • Refinery and upgrader pitch solutions
  • Emulsion design and consulting solutions

QCC began in Canada in 2003, building its business around a platform of MSAR® emulsion fuel licenses granted by London based Quadrise Fuels International (marketing and manufacturing territories), Akzo Nobel N.V. (technology), and Worley Parsons (application). See Business Relations.

QCC has expanded its market reach globally by developing and adding additional technologies and product lines to its portfolio, such as CO2 emission solutions (MCST®), NOx emission solutions (MDxFLARE™), and enhanced heavy oil solutions (E2EOR™).

QCC majority owns DenimoTech A/S, (based in Denmark) who specializes in the design and fabrication of asphalt emulsion equipment and is the exclusive supplier of Akzo Nobel's fuel emulsion machinery.