CEO Message

"Our primary targets are to provide innovative emulsion technology related solutions for the Upstream and Downstream Oil Industry and low cost fuels for the Power industry to liberate value. Through our service minded approach for our fuel combustion clients, we have co-developed and patented a zero emissions combustion technology and are co-developing a low NOx combustion technology.

"We have innovated our fuel emulsion solutions into pipeline and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery applications, as well as methods to improve emulsion based products in other industrial sectors such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We work with strategic partners in developing our concepts and welcome the opportunity to continually develop new solutions for you, our valued customers."
- Al Fischer

Company Overview

We at Quadrise Canada are excited to be at the forefront of technologies that provide low cost solutions to industry while keeping the health of the environment in mind. The Company is pursuing innovative new opportunities to provide energy using MSAR® SFO™ and also to limit or eliminate green house gas emissions via MCST®

Quadrise Canada focuses on the following solutions: